How to buy WAEC Scratch Card Online – WAEC result checker PIN online in Nigeria

One the the most crucial requirements before checking your WAEC result, using the WAEC result checker, is buying a WAEC result checker PIN/token. You can only check your WAEC result by using the WAEC result checker PIN, it’s quick, secure and can be done instantly, through Opay, QuickTeller, and a bunch of other online retailers.

If you don’t have the right knowledge on how to do this, it certainly would be difficult checking your WAEC results. It is mandatory to purchase the WAEC result checker PIN before you can access your WAEC results online. Thanks to online banking, buying of Waec scratch card PIN is now easier and you can do this from the comfort of your home.

This blog post is a must read for candidates who want to have a smooth experience while buying the WAEC scratch card online. This article will be providing you with the following:

  • Overview of what the WAEC result checker PIN is,
  • Benefits of buying it online,
  • Detailed Step-by-step guideline for buying the WAEC scratch card PIN online,
  • How to Use the PIN effectively.

This article Deals with the Following:

  • Where to buy waec scratch card online.
  • Where to buy waec scratch card in Nigeria.
  • Buy waec scratch card online quickteller.
  • How much is waec scratch card online.
  • How to Buy waec scratch card on Remita.
  • How to buy waec scratch card on opay

What is the WAEC result checker PIN?

The WAEC result checker PIN is a combination of unique code per card (each card have it’s own code), and the Checker PIN code provides you a direct access to the West African Examination Council (WAEC) website, allowing users to quickly access their examination results anywhere and anytime.

You can buy the WAEC result checker PIN anywhere and anytime you want. It is easy and can be done through various e-commerce sites like Jumia, Konga, Opay, Quickteller, and more. Over the years of trying all these e-commerce sites, I preferred using platforms like Opay and Quickteller, since they provide the PIN almost instantly, except in rare cases, where they’ll ask me to wait.

The only requirement you need to provide before you can buy the WAEC Result Checker PIN is your name, email address and phone number. After you’ve successfully paid for the PIN, it will be sent directly to your email address or mobile device as an SMS message.

Benefits of Buying the WAEC result checker PIN Online.

You can also buy the WAEC scratch card PIN from any commercial bank and walk-in centres. However, the benefits of purchasing it online are numerous, here are the biggest among all these benefits.

1. Convenience.

The first advantage of buying the PIN online is convenience. By purchasing the PIN online, you don’t need to dress up, pay transport fare to any commercial bank and wait for the cashier to get you one.

You can literally buy it from the comfort of your home, office, or even while stuck in traffic, and at any time of the day. Purchasing it online automatically eliminates the need to wait in line, as well as makes it possible for users to purchase the PIN from their home or office computers, tablets, or smartphones.

2. Anti-Fraud.

Thanks to advance technology in this 21st century, as a buyer, you are protected against fraud and identity theft, because all payments are securely encrypted with SSL technology. You are rest assured that your payment is processed without any hassle or fear of fraud.

3. Buying at Discount.

Yes, another reason why I preferred shopping for the scratch card PIN online is that some of these sites offer discounts and special deals when purchasing the WAEC scratch card PIN in bulk quantities. Unlike physical shops where there are additional fees or hidden charges, buying it online eliminates all these options.

Best Online Platforms for Buying the WAEC Result Checker PIN Online

With the number of e-commerce websites ever on the increase, customers are now enjoying premium services as these platforms are doing their best to outperform others and be the best. Purchasing a WAEC result checker PIN has NEVER been easy, quicker or this secured. There are various recommendable payment sites and apps in Nigeria you can purchase the WAEC result checker PIN from.


One of the biggest online banking apps in Nigeria, with millions of customers in Nigeria, coupled with their intuitive user interface, you can easily purchase the WAEC scratch card PIN through their platform and be rest assured that you’re getting it instantly. A user can fund their Opay Wallet, and make the payment online all from the comfort of their home.


Any Nigerian doing business online must have used Quickteller. Quickteller is one of the oldest payment gateways in Nigeria and have been providing Nigerians with excellent services for years. They also have large trust among us different companies. Any Nigerian can use the Quickteller payment gateway to get the scratch card PIN online.

Other Mobile Bank Apps.

Recently, I noticed a total revamp of all mobile bank apps in Nigeria, and this new update mirrors payment gateways such as OPAY, offering numerous services for their online customer base. You can easily purchase the WAEC scratch card PIN online via your Mobile banking app and the procedure are all the same. All you need to do is to navigate the app to find the option and make payment directly from your account balance.

How to Buy WAEC Result Checker PIN Online.

Before proceeding to purchase the PIN online, I think it is necessary to know the procedures, so you can easily avoid mistakes when buying the result checker PIN online. Buying the WAEC result checker PIN online is fast and easy.

Here are practical steps to follow and get the PIN:

  • It is important that you choose your preferred platform and create an account if you don’t already have one. I’ll recommend using your mobile banking App or gateway such as Opay, Quickteller, or Kuda.
  • After you’ve selected your preferred platform, proceed to the “buy” or “pay now” option to begin the checkout process. On some of these platforms, customers will need to enter their payment information (such as debit/credit card details or bank transfer details) before completing their purchase.
  • After you’ve entered the necessary payment information, click on the “confirm payment” to confirm and complete the transaction.
  • After you have successfully confirmed and completed the transaction, you will receive an email or SMS message with a unique code that you can use to access the WAEC results database. This code is only valid once and must be used before its expiration date.

How to Use the WAEC Result Checker PIN.

  • The first important step is to double check the code you have received after purchasing the PIN through any of the platforms recommended and using the guideline above. Type the code exactly as it was sent to you in its appropriate box when accessing your result online.
  • I’ll recommend you ensure that your internet connection is stable before accessing the WAEC result checker portal.
  • Please always keep your WAEC checker PIN number confidential and secure. Do not share it with anyone else, even if they claim to be an official from WAEC.
  • Avoid suspicious websites and emails claiming that you can check your WAEC result without PIN online. They are after your personal information and money.
  • Finally, do use the scratch card within its specified time frame as it can become invalid after its expiration date, and there’s no way you can access the WAEC database except you purchase a new one.


I believe that this article provides you with all the essential details you need when buying a WAEC scratch card online, and clears the pathway for you to quickly access your West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) exam results faster.

When buying the PIN online, you should endeavor to visit numerous sites I recommended in the article offering special discounts for using their platforms, to get the maximum value for your money when purchasing a WAEC result checker PIN online.

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