2023/2024 WAEC Wood Work Syllabus/Questions and Answers

Are you sitting for the Woodwork in WAEC GCE? Here’s the syllabus, including Woodwork waec questions and answers for 2023.

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Do you want to get the real WAEC Woodwork syllabus for the 2023/2024? This is the official 2023 waec syllabus for Woodwork. You can easily download the Woodwork Waec GCE syllabus below.

Download Woodwork Waec GCE Ssyllabus.

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Candidates sitting for the Woodwork examination in WAEC should take note that there will be three papers, Papers 1, 2 and 3 all of which must be taken.  Papers 1 and 2 will be a composite paper to be taken in one sitting.

PAPER 1:  Will consist of forty multiple-choice objective questions all of which must be answered within 40 minutes for 40 marks.

PAPER 2: While Paper 2 consists of theory and design paper of two sections, Sections A and B, please take note that this paper will be taken within 2 hours, 20 minutes.

Section A: This section will be short structured questions put into three parts, Part I, II and III as follows:

  • Part I: Candidates sitting for this particular paper should note that Part I will be for candidates in Ghana only.
  • Part II: The 2nd part (Part II) will be for candidates in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia.
  • Part III will be for all candidates.  This final part comprises two questions out of which all candidates will be required to answer at least, one.

Section B: Will comprise design and drawing questions, all of which must be answered within 1 hour and 40 minutes, which will total forty (40) marks.

PAPER 3: This will be a practical test lasting 3 hours.  Candidates must make a test piece for which the appropriate drawings will be supplied.  It will carry 100 marks.


Candidates sitting for the continuous assessment should note that the continuous assessment score for the subject shall include marks for the assessment of finished projects by the candidates.

The products must be left untouched and all intact for at least, six (6) months after the release of results.  It is recommended that at least three specific projects be produced during the course by each candidate.


1. Woodwork in Theory and Practice – John A. Walton, Australian Publishing Company.

2. Woodwork Design and Practice – David M. Shaw – Hodder and Stoughton.

3. Woodwork by G. N Green.

4. Basic Principles of Woodwork Design and Drawing – Emmanuel A. Nnenji (Aranke Woods).

5. Practical Upholstery – C. Howes F.A. M.U – Evans Brothers Limited, London.

6. General Certificate Woodwork by H. E. King.

7. Fundamentals of Woodworking by Nurudeen et all.

8. Woodwork by G. W. Brazier and H. A. Harris.

9. Advance Woodworking and Furniture Making by J. Fierre and G. Hutchings.

10. Woodwork for Senior Secondary School by CESAC.

11. Woodwork for Senior Secondary School by J. N. K. Sackey, G. Manu and R. Y. Baafi.

12. Woodwork Made Simple by Tom Pettit.

13. Woodwork Technology by John Strefford Guy McMurdo.

14. Woodwork by E. J. Wunter.

15. Woodwork Technology by J. K. N. Sackey.

16. Woodworker’s Pocket Book by Charles H. Hayford.

17. Collins Complete Woodworker’s Manual by Jackson Albert and Day David.

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