Can I Write JAMB Exam Before WAEC and Still Be Given Admission The Same Year?

Writing jamb before WAEC, is it possible? There are lots of questions candidates have, regarding JAMB, Waec, Admission, etc, and today, I’ll focus on one of the most asked questions, which I’ll be answering here on this page.

It is not shocking to see questions like these, mainly because some students are seriously looking for ways to be admitted into tertiary institutions without spending much time at home, and they’re asking questions like: can I write jamb before Waec?

So If you are asking this question Can I Write Jamb before WAEC? The simple and straightforward answer is Yes. You can sit for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination (JAMB) before WAEC.

can I write jamb before Waec

The WAEC starting date, or the date when JAMB is starting does not really matter anymore which exam comes first but you can write JAMB before Waec and still be admitted into the University with no WAEC result.

Previously, in the Nigerian educational system, the WASSCE (previously known as Waec) examination usually comes first, before JAMB examination.

However, due to the introduction of JAMB CBT and how fast the board is, candidates are now writing JAMB exams before waec. Most times, after candidates are through with their WASSCE examination, that is when the JAMB board will begin to selling the JAMB registration form.

However, the case is now different, due to the introduction of Jamb CBT.

ONLY Issue with Writing JAMB Before WAEC.

Writing Jamb before Waec is not bad or a crime. However, the only time it will certainly hurt your academic pursuit is when you have not registered for SS3 WASSCE and you went to register for JAMB.

Gaining Admission directly Into any University Without WAEC result is 100% possible, but before you’re through with your 100Level first or Second Semester, you’ll be asked by your school to provide your WAEC result.

Still on this matter of getting admitted into any Nigerian tertiary institution without your WAEC result, JAMB Caps or your school admission board may likely ask you to provide your WAEC result before giving you Admission into any course of your choice.

Another thing to put into consideration is the fact that the subjects you selected during your WAEC registration, that is mandatory for your course, you should have good grades in these subjects, to ensure your admission process is successful.

What to Consider IF you are about to Write Jamb Before Waec.

  • You should be an SS2, or an SS3 student or in general, a student who will be sitting for the WAEC examination the same year you’re writing JAMB.
  • You should have your NIN should be ready.

Final Conclusion.

Finally, I’ll love to conclude that it is 100% possible to write JAMB and Waec in the same academic year. However, you should focus on the subjects pertaining to your course and come out with good grades in your WASSCE result.

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